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Suzanne Singleton is president of the Tauranga Writers Group. She has worked as a teacher and psychologist before finally coming to writing.

Teacher, psychologist and finally writer – my working career spans more than forty years and includes a rich and diverse cluster of occupations. Writer has won out over time and I plan to devote the rest of my life to writing. I think of myself as a new bud on old stock. Perhaps an heirloom variety. The fruit is yet to come. The growth is vigorous but a little trimming here and there will curb the rampant tendency.

Suzanne Singleton

My main genre is short story fiction. I have also written a novella, and recently began a murder/mystery novel. Looking ahead to 2012, my short list involves a collection of stories which I plan to complete by March 2012. A novel or three appear on the long list.

In April 2011 I was elected President of Tauranga Writers and feel privileged to be amidst such exciting talent and to be part of an extraordinary explosion of growth. This year the formation of a Bay of Plenty branch of New Zealand Society of Authors has strengthened and supported writing for all Tauranga and other BOP writers. I anticipate many new projects.

Other interests of mine include gardening, music, genealogy, reading and art. I am the mother of four children and grandmother of eight grandchildren.

  • Published Work: Domestic Violence Against Women. Psychology Research Series, No 13 University of Waikato
  • Modification of Violent Behaviour Through Education In Self-Awareness. (A thesis requirement for Master of Social Science in Psychology University of Waikato, 1986)
  • Recent Work: “ Former Glory” ( magazine article Beaded Wheels Issue Dec 2010)

Suzanne Singleton

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Suzanne Singleton

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