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  LIH,Ciao Bella Italia, TRMC event 2012 24 The Historic Village hall was decorated as background to our celebrations of Italy, its culture, people, places, food, and music. We put white and red checked table clothes on the table with flags , balloon, oranges decorations and a display table with some Italian artefacts and items (Ceramic masks, a special wooden cup with multiple spouts “Grolla”, murano glass, old coffee machine and coffee grinder, porcelain ornaments, Pinocchio puppets , map of Italy, photos display etc).

Alessandra opened the night as Master of Ceremony, just after Ewa did her welcome speech with information about the Ethnic councils . Alessandra informed the crowd she is Italian and came to New Zealand when she was 5 years old. She told that this evening was about showing the 2 regions of Italy we, the organizer, came from:

Alessandra from San Antonio del Pasubio, VENETO Region - Raffaella, Mirella and Guido from Ivrea, PIEMONTE Region

An introductions short movie about the general beauty of Italy was shown and immediately after a funny cartoon movie, created by a very famous Italian Cartoonist (Bruno Bozzetto) with the title: Europe and Italy (this film is dedicated to those who believe that Italian behave the same as all the other European).

It was then the turn of Alessandra to show us a bit of her region and village ( Sant’Antonio del Pasubio) where she was born with a lively and interesting Power point. At the end of it she invited Claudia and Grant to sing a medley of Italian songs they had prepared earlier which they sang very well with fun and enthusiasm.

We then all had the “traditional” pot luck dinner and Italian testing of some Italian food we prepared:

Italian Spezzatino (pork stew) with polenta.  Vitel tonne’ (lean thin veal covered by a tasty mayonnaise, tuna and caper sauce).  Italian Focaccia bread.  Pasta al forno (pasta with beef , tomatoes, ham , parmesan cheese, white sauce, backed in the oven). Tirami su  as dessert. A taste of Italian red wine.

After dinner there was Raffaella’s presentation of Piemonte and her home town Ivrea.

Ivrea is famous internationally because the birthplace of then famous and now closed OLIVETTI Typewriters Factory and its popular Annual Historic Carnival with its own unique “BATTLE OF ORANGES”. Everybody enjoyed the informative slide show with music and short movie with English commentary on the Orange’s Battle.

 Meeka and Raffaella showed then an example of 2 Italian traditional dances, both related and both belonging to a vast “family” of dances of south Italy, called Tarantelle: The first dance being The Tarantella (accompanied by tambourines, short in duration, graceful and elegant, and features characteristic music).

LIH,Ciao Bella Italia, TRMC event 2012 23The second dance called the Taranta or Pizzica : The story goes that during ancient times  in southern Italy, a type of poisonous spider called Lycosa tarantula was very common at harvest time and so were its victims. Its venom caused a hysterical condition known as Tarantism, the symptoms of which were high fever and an irresistible need for a wild and rapid whirling motion bringing the victim to the point of exhaustion, also known as Tarantulism. For long time, the local population believed that the only way to suppress the symptoms, sweat the venom out and so to cure the bite was by dancing using a very rhythmic and fast music. The music played for the cure became known as Taranta or Pizzica (which means bite).

LIH,Ciao Bella Italia, TRMC event 2012 29Mirella afterwards as Surprise guest sang (in playback!) an Italian song with a twist…..with everybody amusement!

Raffaella and Mirella then demonstrate some Italian body gestures inviting the public to guess the meaning of this typical Mediterranean Body Language.

The successful Evening was closed by Clive leading the Italians (Alessandra, Raffaella, Mirella and Guido) Honorary Italians (Anne, Dana and Olga), and the audience in singing 2 songs with half of the lyrics in Italian and English.

 Below is the program for the evening:

 Living in Harmony Evening: Ciao Bella Italia


 - 07.00pm: HALL OPEN

- 07.30pm: President’s Welcome

- Introduction

- Italians v Europeans (comic cartoon)

- A presentation – San Antonio del Pasubio – Vittorio

  Veneto. A window into life in my Village. Alessandra


- Songs from Italy – Claudia and Grant


- 8.30PM: Presentation about Piemonte and our Beautiful

                Ivrea. The city, it’s customs, and It’s Historic

                Carnival. Raffaella, Mirella and Guido Veneziano.

- Dance: La Tarantella (Classic). La Tarantula (free

style) Raffaella, Meeka and Guido.

- A surprise guest.

- Body Language (Raffaella and Mirella) – Audience


- Sing-a-long with the audience



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