Tauranga Municipal Band (1938)

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Tauranga Municipal Band (1938).


This item was sourced from Nga Wahi Rangahau: Research Collections (formerly the New Zealand Room) located at the Tauranga City Libraries. It was part of a 2012 exhibition by librarian  Stephanie Smith on the musical history of Tauranga.

Back Row: N. Jones, G. Bougen, W. Page, R. Ward, L. Bougen, (Bandmaster) C. Walton, T. Gibson, R. Walton.

3rd Row: His Worship the Mayor, L. R. Wilkinson (President) R. Stewart, K Moore, B. G. Ford, J. Page, P. Styles, H. Bougen, C. Edwards, A. N. Iles (Chairman Executive Committee)

2nd Row: G. Guppy, S. Johanson, F. Milne, Jl James (Lance Corp.) G. C. Mockler, (Conductor) Thomas Milne (Sec. & Treas.) C Jones, K. Walton, F. Bougen, (Sergeant)

1st Row: (Hymn Shield) R. Jones, (Boosey Aggregate Shield) N. Freeman, (Selection Shield)

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Tauranga Municipal Band (1938)

City:Tauranga, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.68779749999999,176.16512950000003

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