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Debbie McCauley is a fifth-generation Pākehā New Zealander whose earliest ancestor arrived in New Zealand in 1841. Other ancestors were pioneers of the Katikati and Cambridge settlements. Since 2003 Debbie has worked as a librarian at Tauranga City Library with an interest in local history. In 2011 she wrote an comprehensive essay entitled Identity and the Battle of Gate Pa Pukehinahina (29 April 1864) which formed the basis for the Battle of Gate Pa kete. She was involved with the planned activities and education surrounding the 150th commemoration of the Battles of Gate Pā and Te Ranga in 2014 as well as serving as a judge for the Battles of Gate Pa/Te Ranga Art Competition. This page is an index to some of the articles, books, essays and poetry written by Debbie McCauley.

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Index pages

  • Battle of Gate Pa (29 April 1864) The Battle of Gate Pā at Pukehinahina (puke hill, hinahinaor mahoe tree) on 29 April 1864 is a pivotal point in the history of Tauranga Moana. It started with British troops being landed at the northern end of Te Papa, seen by Māori as a provocative move. A Code of Conduct was agreed on by Māori leaders who issued a challenge to the British. When it was ignored Māori selected a site on the Pukehinahina ridge where they designed and built a radical new fighting pā. The result was one of the few outright victories for Māori against the British. Two months later, on  21 June 1864, another battle occurred. The Battle of Te Ranga saw many Māori leaders killed and led to surrender and confiscation of land. Māori response to surveying of confiscated land was a small-scale conflict known as the Tauranga Bush Campaign (1867) which signaled the end of fighting in Tauranga Moana.
  • Emily Surtees Photographic Collection Emily Charlotte Sophia Surtees (nee Stewart) was the eldest child of Katikati founder George Vesey Stewart and his wife Margaret. She was born in 1857, possibly at Lisbeg House, County Tyrone, Ireland. Emily was a rare breed, a woman photographer in a male dominated profession. This page links to the 272 historic images of mainly Katikati pioneers and surrounds that comprise this collection.
  • Herstory: Women of My Family Women’s stories have often been relegated to the background in the roles of wives, mothers, daughters and housekeepers. This page is dedicated to the stories of the women in my family and stands as a tribute to the part they all played in the shaping of history.
  • Lest We Forget A page dedicated to relatives of mine who either served in wartime, took part in wartime activities, were part of military organisations between wars, or paid the 'ultimate sacrifice'.
  • McCauley Letters to New Zealand from Wartime Britain During World War II John Glen McCauley and his wife Joan Dorothy McCauley wrote a series of letters to John's older sister Hazel Emily Anderson (nee McCauley) who lived at the time in Wellington and then Wanganui. Since Hazel's death in 1990 the collection, which consists of over thirty letters, has been preserved by her daughter Patricia (Trish) Rae Bowden (nee Anderson).


People (in addition to the index pages listed above)

  • Benjamin Burkett (c1799-?). My fourth great grandfather. In 1841 he arrived in New Zealand with his wife and three children on board the 'Slains Castle'.
  • Edward Hart (1802-1884). Bricklayer Edward Hart was sentenced to seven years jail aboard a prison hulk for stealing food and drink to feed his wife and family in 1825. The Hart family later arrived in New Zealand on board the 'Tyne' in 1841. Edward was my fourth great grandfather.
  • John Hamilton (1835-1892). Katikati pioneer and my second great grandfather.
  • Robert Hynds (c1861-1929). Tauranga settler Robert Hynds and his family lived on Hynds Road in the Gate Pa/Greerton area. This article was compiled with the help of Robert's grandsons, Grant Hynds and Alister Sutton, in March 2013. 
  • Ellen May Eva Macmillan Katikati historian, Ellen McCormack (nee Macmillan), has spent almost half a century gathering the history of Katikati and it's pioneers for which she received the Queen's Service Medal (QSM) in 2002.


  • Battle at Pukehinahina (29 April 1864). This play was written to help children gain a practical understanding of the Battle of Gate Pā at Pukehinahina on 29 April 1864. It was performed during the 150th commemorations with class visits to Tauranga City Library in March and April of 2014 along with a reading of the book 'Taratoa and the Code of Conduct: A Story from the Battle of Gate Pā'.

Poetry (published)


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