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Emile Joseph Borel was a French sailor who became a Pakeha Maori and Te Puna settler. His son would marry the daughter of early Tauranga trader and Frenchman Louis Bidois (1821-1909). Emile's last name is commonly misspelled Borell.

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Emile Joseph Borel was born in Touques, France, in 1814. His parents were living together but unmarried.

In June 1841 he left Le Havre working as a cooper aboard the  French whaler ‘Roland’. He deserted ship in Hobart in around February 1842 before making his way to New Zealand.

He married Roha Pareamio Tangike of Ngati Apakura, Tainui on 14 April 1849. They were married by Father Pezant. Witnesses at the wedding were Louis Bidois (1821-1909) and Werahiko Te Rongotea.

They settled at Te Puna. The misspelled Borell Road leads off Te Puna Road near the Paparoa Marae, where the wharenui is named after Werahiko (Francois), Emile's son. Werahiko married Te Rina, grandaughter of another French settler, Pierre Charles Potier

Emile died in 1885.



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Emile Joseph Borel (1814-1885)

First Names:Emile Joseph
Last Name:Borel
Date of Birth:1814
Place of Birth:Touques
Country of birth:France
Date of death:1885
Place of death:New Zealand
Spouses name:Roha Pareamio Tangike
Date of marriage:14 April 1849
Place of marriage:New Zealand