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Monmouth Street

The 43rd Monmouth and the 68th Durham regiments both arrived in Tauranga early in 1864 in order to, supposedly,  prevent supplies for the "rebel" Waikato tribes passing through the Tauranga region.  The 43rd Monmouth constructed a redoubt on the site of the old Taumatakahawai Pa. It was chosen as a good location to watch over the eastern approaches.  They left again in 1864 after only a few months, and the redoubt was used as the headquarters of the 12th regiment and then of the Armed Constabulary Force, which was established in 1867. The Monmouths are commemorated by the Redoubt itself, and by Monmouth Street.


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The first house to be lived in as a police house was a portion of the Army Barracks from the Monmouth Redoubt. This was moved to No.1 Monmouth Street sometime after 1864 (Bellamy, 1982, p. 157).


A police station was constructed in 1880 on the corner of Willow and Monmouth Streets by the Armed Constabulary. Designed by the Government Architect, it consisted of two four roomed cottages, a lockup with three cells, a stable and a store room (2008 Heritage Study, p. 43-45).



Another police house was built in 1895 at No.5 Monmouth Street and had been occupied by many policemen between 1895 and 1964, after which it was cut into two sections and transported to a farm out of Tauranga (Bellamy, 1982, p. 157).


Plan made to lay gas pipes in Park Street, Monmouth Street, MacLean Street, Harington Street, Wharf Street, Spring Street, Elizabeth Street, Grey Street, the Strand, Willow Street, Durham Street, Cliff Road, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue, plus one hundred and fifteen chains on Cameron Road and seventy-three chains on Devonport Road (Bellamy, 1982, p. 76).


Sometime after 1932 a garage was built at the corner of Monmouth Street and Park Street to house the newly bought Ambulance (a 20 hp Austin).


A new police station, including residential accommodation, was built on Monmouth Street and used as single men’s quarters until 1964, where it was moved to First Avenue.


Original Police buildings, Monmouth Street, Tauranga in 1955. The art deco house on the corner can be seen behind the building on the left. It was built by Charles Hartley. Acc No 3510


The police single men’s quarters on Monmouth Street was moved to First Avenue.


A new large police station was officially opened in 1968 on the original Monmouth Street site (2008 Heritage Study ).



Bellamy, A.C. ed. Tauranga 1882-1982. Tauranga, Tauranga City Council, 1982

A 2008 Central Tauranga Heritage Study (Part one), prepared for the Tauranga City Council and Environment Bay of Plenty by Matthews & Matthews Architects LTD in association with Jinty Rorke, Jennie Gainsford, Lisa Truttman r. Askidmore & Associates.


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Monmouth Street, Tauranga

Year:1942, 1964, 1968, c.1860, c.1880, c.1890, 1909, and 1932

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