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The Soundshell at Mount Maunganui was built in 1964 and was demolished thirty-five years later in 1999.

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Mount Maunganui's Soundshell was built in 1964. It faced away from the main Mount beach by Mount Drury (Hopukiore). The audience sat on specially built terraced seating facing the main Mount beach.

Soundshell (Mount Maunganui)

By 1998 the Soundshell was looking a bit worse for wear. A report stated that 'the structure was an earthquake risk and was in a state of disrepair'.

Soundshell (Mount Maunganui)

The following year, in December 1999, it was deemed past it's use by date, a 'physical and visual barrier on the link between Moturiki and Hopukiore and between Main Beach and Hopukiore'. The removal of the Soundshell and fences would 'open up the area for better use by the community'. 



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Old Mount Sound Shell.

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Soundshell (Mount Maunganui)


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