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Faulkner Park in Robins Road, Tauranga, was named for former Mayor Eric Lees Faulkner. Photos: Debbie McCauley (February, 2015).

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Faulkner Park is named in honour of Eric Lees Faulkner who was elected member of Tauranga City Council from 1966 and Mayor from 1977 to 1980.

The Faulkners lived in Montgomery Street. Eric was a descendant of John Lees Faulkner, an early trader and boat builder who lived in Otumoetai from the late 1830s to his death in 1882.

Faulkner Park (Tauranga)

Faulkner Park was part of a 20 acre farm block that led down to swampy land where the Kopurererua Stream flowed into the Waikareao Estuary. Drainage work in 1910 divided the 20 acre block, leaving about one third on the western bank. 

In 1924 the new owner, Rutherford Elliott, had a house named Elphinstone built. It has since been demolished.

In 1965 all but 5 acres had taken for land reclamation for the Judea Industrial area. The owners, the Bradmores, retained 5 acres. Mrs Lena Bradmore planted the exotic trees in the part of screen the neighbouring industrial area and enhance the area. She died in 1967. Her orchardist son, Maurice, sold the land to Mr and Mrs Derek Parkin in 1974. In 1980, Tauranga City Council purchased the land, gazetted it as a recreation reserve in 1982 and created pathways allowing access to Birch Avenue.

Faulkner Park (Tauranga)

Unrelated to the historical occupation of the Reserve are several commemorative tree plantings including two Kauri (Agathis australis) and a Himalayan Cedar. The Kauri were planted as part of the Sister City relationship with Yantai, China and the Cedar by a representative of the Tibetan Dalai Lama. The Cedar is accompanied by a Buddhist monument and stone carving.



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Faulkner Park (Tauranga)

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