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This shop was originally situated on the corner of Cameron Rd/Elizabeth‘ St in Tauranga. The store was built in 1880 and first opened its doors for business on 26 July of that year. Called “The Exchange”, it dealt in general merchandise, hardware and grain. It was built with accommodation attached, the front rooms now serve as a bank and chemist shop.

The store’s owner, Mr John Gilmore, was born in 1844 in Belfast, Ireland. He came to Auckland on the ship “Babbington” possibly in 1876. After spending some time in Auckland he moved to Tauranga to join his brother Andrew in the coach building and wheelwright business. They were successful for some years when John decided to establish himself as a general merchant and store keeper.

John Gilmore was always interested in the welfare of the district and after many requests from ratepayers to stand for Council, was elected to a seat on the Tauranga Borough Council in 1894.

In November 1974 the building was moved onto its present site at the Tauranga District Museum. The store is built of fine, stout kauri and rimu.

Today the store is set up in much the same fashion as in earlier days with every inch used to display its merchandise. In earlier days most groceries were sold loose from bins, sacks or barrels. Items such as flour, sugar, tea, coffee and spices were weighed out as the customer purchased them. Biscuits were sold loose from tins (broken biscuits were always cheaper),cheese was cut from a large block and bacon sliced from long rolls.

The confectionery counter was crowded with great jars containing a multi coloured variety of boiled sweets which were sold several to a penny. Items in the present display include a coffee grinder used at Guinness Bros, a silage cutter, tool grinders, a cheese slicer, a bull whip, bacon slicer, sitz bath, pot belly stove, various harness collars, coat fittings and carriage lamps. 

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Gilmore's General Store

Year:1880 and 1974

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.6864386,176.16278190000003

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