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An article appearing in the 1998 "Souvenir Book" subtitled "Take a walk in living history". May contain minor OCR errors.

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This memorial, situated next to Colonel Greer’s cottage on the Museum complex, was erected with the generous assistance of the Royal Overseas League, Tauranga Branch, in 1980.

Every part of the memorial has a special meaning as the plaque explains:

“The wall of hand made bricks reminds us of the ingenuity and versatility of men and women who carved out our nation.

The pool illustrate: our total dependency upon water then, now and in the future.

The flow of water recalls the memories of falling rain on the Roof, on the hot earth, on grass, on crops.

The retaining wall of rough hewn stone is a reminder of rugged times and monumental toil.”

Pause and reflect upon how much we owe to those who paved the way.  

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