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This small, two roomed cottage is named after Colonel Henry Harpur Greer who commanded the British troops in 1864 in the Tauranga area. He served 23 years with the 68th Durham Light Infantry, arriving in Tauranga by the steamer “Corio” on 16 March 1864.

During his term of duty in Tauranga he occupied one of Tauranga’s earliest houses “High Trees” which was situated close to the Durham Redoubt. It was in the grounds of this house that the surrender of arms by the Maoris following the Battle of Te Ranga took place on 25 July 1864.  

The cottage, now named in Greer’s honour and located at The Historic Village, stood at the rear of “High Trees” and served as servants’ quarters and as a Washhouse, a much more modest structure than that which he in fact inhabited. During 1979 the cottage was moved from its site to the Historic Village/Museum. 

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