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John Angus Clark was brought to New Zealand by grandparents after the sinking of his Father's ship 'Helen' on Pitt Island in the Chattams 28 July 1857. The information in this article was compiled by his descendant, Lisa Clark.

John Angus Clark (1847-1912)

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John Angus Clark was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on 29 March 1847 to Hugh and Jane Jean Clark (nee McArtney) who married in Mount Eden, Auckland, on 22 May 1843.

On 28 July 1857, both John's parents were killed when his father, Captain Hugh Clark's ship 'Helen' sunk on Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands. John was brought to New Zealand by his grandfather, John Angus McArtney. He and his brothers were cared for by his aunt, Margaret McArtney.

He was amongst the 1st pupils of Nelson's Boys College and played on the first Ruby Team of the College. He lived in Nelson for 10 years before moving to Auckland.

John was a Private in the 2nd Waikato Regiment and received the New Zealand War Medal 1860-1870. He also served as a Crown Land Agent. John was closely identified with business interests in Tauranga. He was a local agent for the Public Trustee. His deep interest in school affairs, meant he served as chairman. 

John married Elizabeth Anne Brownlie at Tauranga's Old Mission Chapel on 19 October 1875 (reg. (reg. 1875/3078). They were married by Cannon Jordan. The children of John and Elizabeth:

  1. John Archibald Clark (1876-1911). Born in Parnell, Auckland, on 27 August 1876, but grew up in Tauranga. He was called 'Trooper Jack' for his service during the Boer War. After returning to New Zealand he decided to pursue mining interests in Johannesburg. He applied for and received a position in the Gold Mines Dept. He also shipped and sold flowering trees from Australia to Pretoria, and from South Africa to New Zealand. John died on 21 May 1911 in a goldmine in Johannesburg, South Africa. 'Whilst working in the South Rose shaft, 3000 feet deep, near Grimston, a terrific storm passed over, and the water got backed up and eventually broke into the shaft,filling it to a depth of 70 feet. Out of 57 hands working in the shaft 53 were killed.' [see also Bay Of Plenty Times, 7 July 1911, p. 2).
  2. James Henry Clark (1878-1912). Born in Parnell, Auckland, on 19 July 1878. James worked as a reporter for the Bay of Plenty Times. He died in 1912 in Sydney, Australia (Homicide). 
  3. Andrew Hugh Clark (1879-1959). Born at the Junction Hotel in Katikati on 22 November 1879. He married Agnes Nicholson McRae (1895-1982) in St James Church in Waihi. Andrew died on 3 May 1959 in Mount Albert, Auckland.
  4. Annie Amy Clark (1882-1919). Born in Edgecumbe Road, Tauranga on 21 March 1882 in Tauranga. Annie was the Honorary Secretary of the Tauranga Auxilliary, New Zealand, N.I. Mission in New Zealand, and worked tirelessly in the cause of lepers. She died on 12 June 1919 during the Influenza Pandemic. Her death notice appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times: CLARK. On June 12th 1919 at Auckland, after a short illness, Annie Amy, eldest daughter of Elizabeth and the late John A Clark, aged 36 years (13 June 1919, p. 2). Annie's cousin Eva Clark Nicholson also died in the Influenza Pandemic.
  5. Harold Clark (1884-1963). Born in Tauranga on 21 June 1884. Harold was wounded during World War I. He died on 22 May 1963 in Mount Albert, Auckland. 
  6. Angus Stanley Clark (1886-1950). Born in Tauranga on 31 August 1886. Angus was an accountant and agent for the New Zealand Insurance Company. He married Helen Winifred Adams (1886-1954) in Tauranga on 22 September 1909. He died on 2 October 1950 in Christchurch. 
  7. Agnes Elsie Clark (1888-1943). Born in Edgecumbe Road, Tauranga on 2 December 1888. She married Arnold Hugh Foxcroft (1884-1948) at Bay View Villa in Tauranga in September 1914. She died, aged 54, on 12 February 1943 in Greenlane, Auckland and was buried in Hillsborough Cemetery.
  8. Leslie Harvey Clark (1891-1915). Born in Tauranga on 17 March 1891 (reg. 1891/1552). He died during World War I on 8 August 1915 at Sari Bair Heights, Gallipoli, Turkey.
  9. Maggie Gwendoline Clark (1893-1977). Born in Edgecumbe Road, Tauranga on 9 May 1893. She worked in Tauranga's Baptist Sunday School. Two years after her elder sister Agnes died, Maggie married her widower, Arnold Hugh Foxcroft (1884-1948) in Auckland on 27 February 1945. She died, aged 84, on 16 October 1977 in Mount Albert, Auckland and was buried in Hillsborough Cemetery.
  10. George Victor Clark (1897-1960). Born in Tauranga on 2 October 1897. He was a Machine Gunner and Bugler during World War I. George died on 1 December 1960 in Beachlands, Howick, Auckland.

John took to his bed suddenly on Friday 11 May 1912 and died 11:30 a.m. next day. His obituary appeared in Bay of Plenty Times the following day: Death: John Angus Clark at his Edgecombe Rd. Tauranga, residence 12th May 1912. Funeral at 2:30 pm 14 May 1912 (13 May 1912).

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John Angus Clark (1847-1912)

First Names:John Angus
Last Name:Clark
Date of Birth:29 March 1847
Place of Birth:Hobart, Tasmania
Country of birth:Australia
Date of death:12 May 1912
Place of death:Tauranga, New Zealand
Spouses name:Elizabeth Anne Brownlie
Spouses date of birth:12 September 1852
Spouses place of birth:Lawrence, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Spouses date of death:6 February 1933
Spouses place of death:Tauranga, New Zealand
Date of marriage:19 October 1875
Place of marriage:Old Mission Chapel, Tauranga
Fathers name:Hugh Clark
Fathers date of birth:24 July 1812
Fathers place of birth:West Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland
Fathers date of death:28 July 1857
Fathers place of death:Shipwreck: Waihere Bay, Pitt Island, Chatham Island
Mothers name:Jane Jean McArtney
Mothers date of birth:28 October 1822
Mothers place of birth:Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Mothers date of death:28 July 1857
Mothers place of death:Shipwreck: Waihere Bay, Pitt Island, Chatham Island
Name of the children:Angus Stanley Clark (1886-1950), Agnes Elsie Clark (1888-1943), Leslie Harvey Clark (1891-1915). , Maggie Gwendoline Clark (1893-1977), John Archibald Clark (1876-1911), James Henry Clark (1878-1912), Andrew Hugh Clark (1879-1959), Annie Amy Clark (1882-1919), George Victor Clark (1897-1960), and Harold Clark (1884-1963)
Military Service:2nd Waikato Regiment

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