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  • The local tribes of Tauranga Moana know this place as “Te Pari Taha o Te Awanui”, which was the original name for a sand bar that extended into the Te Awanui harbour.
  • It became Sulphur Point in 1884 when sulphur from White Island was shipped to a small sulphur processing factory. The sulphur works was built by Judge J A Wilson, son of one of the original missionaries, but was not successful. Many Tauranga investors lost money.
  • Today the area forms part of the Port of Tauranga’s operation, the largest in the country in terms of total cargo volume. 
  • The location is ideal for the port, located in a natural harbour protected by Mauao and Matakana Island. It is the only natural harbour between Auckland and Wellington offering good shelter in all weather.

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Sulphur Point (Te Paritaha o Te Awanui)