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The cargo sheds and railway wharf were built after land was reclaimed for the rail track in 1927/28. It was named Dive Crescent after Bradshaw Dive, Mayor from 1919 to 1929.

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No 1.  Cargo Shed was residence and workshop to Tuti Tukaokao, a master carver from Ngaitamarawaho, during the latter years of his life.

Tuti and his team created a number of carvings made of wood and Hinuera stone, including the stone gourd at the corner of Spring and Grey Street, and the waka outside Otumoetai Intermediate school.

In the late 1980s the Takitimu waka was built in this shed. This waka represented the tribes of Tauranga Moana at the Treaty of Waitangi sesquicentennial celebrations in 1990.

Today the cargo shed is used for displaying and selling arts and crafts by local artists. It is a popular destinations for visitors from the many cruise ships that visit Tauranga every year.

Inside the new look Cargo Shed..

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No 1 Cargo Shed (Dive Crescent)


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