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The Taioma Tug was moved into the Tauranga Historic Village in March 1979.

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The Taioma Tug was a Wellington Tug decommissioned and moved to Tauranga. In 1979 under the impetus of Bob Owen it was moved to the Historic Village in March 1979. Originally known as the Empire Jane but renamed Taioma. In 1968 involved in the attempted rescue of the inter-island ferry Wahine.  In 1978 was exhibited in the Tauranga Maritime Museum and Heritage Village on 17th Avenue.

In 1999 it generated a lot of controversy over where it should rest and whether or not it should become a diving attraction. It was eventually scuttled off Mōtītī Island on 19 March 2000.

Were you there? What do you remember of this occasion?


Bob Owens speaking in front of the tug ‘Taioma’ 14 April 1979.

Tug Taioma at Sulphur Point on way to Tauranga Museum


Tug Taioma passing down Cameron Road on way to Tauranga Museum


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