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Hōne Heke was a Ngāpuhi chief and warrior. He and Tītore Tākiri were part of a war party that arrived in Tauranga on 5 March 1832. Wounded in an attack on Ōtūmoetai Pā, he was sent back to the Bay of Islands.

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Hōne Heke was born in Pakaraka, Northland, in c1807, the son of of Tupanapana and his wife Te Kona. He was named after Te Kona's brother, Pokaia, who was killed at the Battle of Moremonui during an ambush by Ngāti Whātua. As a result of the battle Ngāpuhi lost their leader, Pokaia, and more than one hundred and fifty warriors. So many bodies lay about that seagulls gathered to eat them by the thousands, so much so that the battle became known as 'Te Kai a Te Karoro' (the Seagulls' Feast).

He arrived in Tauranga with Tītore to Tauranga on 5 March 1832 and lay siege to Ōtūmoetai Pā.

Wounded in the neck during an attack on Ōtūmoetai Pā, Heke is sent back to the Bay of Islands by the other Ngāpuhi chiefs who fear his boldness could prove fatal.

Heke died of tuberculosis (TB) in Kaikohe on 6 August 1850.



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Hōne Wiremu Heke Pokai (c1807-1850)

First Names:Hone Wiremu Heke
Last Name:Pokai
Date of Birth:c1807
Place of Birth:Pakaraka, Northland
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:6 August 1850
Place of death:Kaikohe, Northland, New Zealand
Place of burial:Umutakiura, Pakaraka, Northland
Occupation:Ngapuhi chief
Fathers name:Tupanapana
Fathers date of birth:c1775
Fathers place of birth:Northland, New Zealand
Mothers name:Te Kona
Mothers date of birth:c1775
Mothers place of birth:Pakaraka, Northland, New Zealand