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This poem was published in the 'Bay of Plenty Times' on 23 October 2010 (p. 22).

Oh, Pūwhenua, Pūwhenua 
festooned by Tāne Mahuta, 
why did you give your heart 
to the powerful Ōtānewainuku?

Oh, Pūwhenua, Pūwhenua 
why could you not love 
the slave who watched you 
with abject fascination?

Our Mauao gazed blissfully 
upon you with such adoration. 
You were the object of his 
infinite love and affection.

He worshiped you, and, crushed, 
planned to drown his sorrow 
away, all the time weeping for 
what might have been.

We give him our love now 
trying to ease his heartsickness. 
Even Tangaroa endeavours comfort, 
rocking him within indigo arms.


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Pūwhenua, Pūwhenua by Debbie McCauley