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Kezia Godfrey was to marry three times. She arrived in New Zealand aboard the 'Steinwarder' in 1864. Kezia was my great great great grandmother - Debbie McCauley (2013).

Kezia Godfrey (1834-1902)

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Kezia (pronounced kez-EYE-ah) Godfrey was born at Somers Town, London, England, on 17 December 1834. She was christened in the Tonbridge Independent Chapel. Her parents were John and Kezia (?-1840) Godfrey (nee Jacobs). John Godfrey was born at Anstey, Hertshire. When Kezia was just six years old, in 1840, her mother died at Royston, Anstey. It is possible that from 1840 she was raised by her grandmother Mary Godfrey (nee Phillips). Mary Phillips married John Godfrey at Little Munden, Hertfordshire, in 1830 (Cullen, p. 11).

On 2 August 1858 Kezia married shoemaker Samuel Crawford at Beulah (Baptist) Chapel, Somers Town, London. Kezia was aged 21, Samuel aged 28. Samuel was born at Somers Town, London on 29 November 1829 to shoemaker John and Elizabeth Crawford (nee King). He possibly served in Crimea. Samuel's father John Crawford died on 1 June 1859 at 3 Palace Row, Marylebone, Middlesex, England.

Kezia, Samuel, and baby Arthur, sailed from Liverpool on 13 August 1859 aboard the Matilda Atheling. Kezia was aged 23, Samuel 29. The family arrived at Table Bay, South Africa, on 27 October 1859 (Cullen, p. 8). The family settled at Paarl, north of Cape Town, South Africa. Samuel died at Paarl, aged 31, on 19 February 1860. Their second son John was born just one month later on 24 March 1860.

The children of Kezia Godfrey:

  1. Arthur Samuel Crawford (1859-1930). Born in Wellington Street, Camden Town, London, on 26 February 1859. Arthur was aged 5 when he arrived in New Zealand aboard the Steinwarder on 14 October 1864. From February 1887 until 26 March 1891 Arthur was accommodated at the Auckland Lunatic Asylum suffering from 'delusions of a supernatural kind'. He died, aged 72, on or about 23 December 1930 in a paddock at Pukeoware, Waiuku. The discovery of his body was reported in the Auckland Star on 19 January 1931. Arthur was buried at Waiuku Cemetery on 17 January 1931.
  2. John Crawford (1860-1937). Born at Paarl, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, on 24 March 1860. John was aged 4 when he arrived in New Zealand aboard the Steinwarder on 14 October 1864. He married Sarah Ann Birkett (1869-1956) at Hawera on 24 February 1883. John died in Hamilton, aged 77, on 27 July 1937. He was buried in Hamilton East Cemetery.
  3. George Tippett (1862-1864). George was born at Buitengragt Street, Cape Town, on 6 August 1862. He died there on 29 May 1864.
  4. Harriet Tippett (1864-1917). Harriet was born at Upper Tennant Street, Cape Town, on 3 June 1864. She was aged just 2 months old when she arrived in New Zealand aboard the Steinwarder on 14 October 1864 [named Mary on the passenger list]. Harriet married George Weston (also known as Sidney Buckingham Wicks). She died in Te Puke in 1917 and was buried in the Te Puke Cemetery.
  5. Robert Baynes (1866-c1867). Born at Drury in 1866. Robert died young and his birth was unregistered. He is buried with his parents in Waiuku Cemetery.
  6. Emma Baynes (1868-1965). Born at Drury in 1868. Emma married Bernard McGinn (?-?) in 1899. She died in Auckland on 21 July 1965 and was buried in Purewa Cemetery.
  7. Charlotte Baynes (1870-1963). Born at Drury in 1870 (reg. 1870/16398). She married widower Harrison Henry Stonell (?-1908) in 1901. He died at Ohinemuri [Paeroa] on 20 May 1908 and was buried in Paeroa Cemetery. Charlotte then married Alexander Grant (?-1922) in 1915. Charlotte died in Gisbourne on 7 August 1963. She was buried in Taruheru Cemetery.
  8. Robert Baynes (1872-c1873). Born at Drury in 1872 (reg. 1872/16938). Robert died young and is buried with his parents at Waiuku Cemetery.
  9. Mary Baynes (1872-1965). Born at Drury in 1872 (reg. 1873/14158). Mary married Waihi schoolteacher James Gale (?-1938) in 1903. She died in Tauranga on 27 November 1965. Mary was buried in Tauranga Anglican Cemetery.
  10. William Baynes (1875-1948). Born at Awhitu, Waiuku, in 1875 (reg. 1875/13395). He was a Gisbourne bridge builder. William married Alice Mary Falkner in 1901, later separating. Their children were abandoned and put into foster care. In 1929 William married Helen Gertrude Farr (nee Batten). He died in Gisbourne on 10 November 1948 and was buried in Taruheru Cemetery.
  11. Eleanor Baynes (1877-1882). Born at Awhitu, Waiuku,  in 1877 (reg. 1877/6773). She died, aged 4, at Te Puke in 1882 (reg. 1882/4419).

Kezia married shoemaker and widower George Tippett (c1829-1865) at St George's Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa, on 21 October 1861. George's wife Rebecca had died three months earlier. Kezia and George's first son George was born at Buitengragt Street, Cape Town, on 6 August 1862, but died on 29 May 1864, just three months short of his second birthday. Their second child, Harriet, was born one month later, on 3 June 1864, in Upper Tennant Street in Cape Town.

The family arrived in New Zealand on 14 October 1864 aboard the Steinwarder from South Africa to settle confiscated lands in the Waikato (Cullen, p. 2). Steinwarder passengers are thought to have been accommodated at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland upon arrival. Kezia's second husband, George, was drowned at Waipipi Needles, Manukau Harbour. He was making a journey to Waiuku for supplies when the canoe he was in was swamped on 14 January 1865. No body was recovered (Cullen, p. 3). The incident was reported in the Daily Southern Cross on 19 January 1865:

A sad accident occurred at this place today (Saturday). A number of the lately arrived Cape emigrants are located at Waipipi, about six miles from this village, and have to procure their food from here. The road not being made, the only communication is by water. Today six of the men started from Waiuku in a canoe, with a carcase of beef and other provisions. There was a small head wind blowing, and in some places there would be a nasty sea for a canoe manned by inexperienced hands. When they had got over about half their journey, the canoe swamped. One of the men struck out for the shore, but has not since been heard of, and we fear that he is drowned. The others wisely held on to the canoe until it drifted near enough to the shore for them to land in safety. The poor fellow who was lost has left a wife and three children to mourn his untimely fate. This is another to be added to the long list of accidents arising from new comers attempting to manage canoes. It is to be hoped that the Government will send a boat for the use of people located at Waipipi until the road is made, or else many such occurrances are sure to take place. (Daily Southern Cross, 19 January 1865)

In early February the Steinwarder passengers made their way to Waiuki. 'Kezia had stuck it out in those basic pioneering conditions at Waipipi for five months when she was offered a position of housekeeper for Robert Baynes (1831-1895), a settler farmer from Waiuku. After another four months it was decided that as they were compatible they would marry' (Cullen, p. 4). They married in Waiuku on 11 October 1865. On 27 August 1870 Kezia applied for her Waipipi Crown Land Grant (Lot 72), this was awarded to Robert Baynes. 

Robert died of throat cancer, aged 73, on 28 March 1895 (reg. 1895/2839). According to the 1899 electoral rolls, Kezia was working as a dressmaker.

Kezia died in Waiuku, aged 67, on 5 October 1902. Kezia and Robert are buried together at Waiuku Cemetery, along with two of their infant children.



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Kezia Baynes (nee Godfrey) (1834-1902)

First Names:Kezia
Last Name:Godfrey
Date of Birth:7 December 1834
Place of Birth:Somers Town, London
Country of birth:England
Date of death:5 October 1902
Place of death:Waiuku
Family Surname:Crawford
Date of Arrival:14 October 1864
Name of the ship:Steinwarder
Date of sailing:17 August 1864
Port of arrival:Auckland
Sailed from:Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Spouses name:Samuel Crawford, George Tippett, and Robert Baynes
Spouses date of birth:29 November 1829
Spouses place of birth:Somers Town, London, England
Spouses date of death:19 February 1860
Spouses place of death:Paarl, South Africa
Spouses place of burial:South Africa
Spouses nationality:English
Date of marriage:2 August 1858
Place of marriage:Beulah Chapel, Somers Town, London
Fathers name:John Godfrey
Fathers place of birth:Gnstey, Hertshire
Fathers date of death:dead by 1858
Mothers name:Kezia Jacobs
Mothers date of death:1840
Mothers place of death:Royston, Anstey, London