BNZ Staff 14-0345

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BNZ Staff 14-0345.


Laurie Sanders (back row 5th for right) started at the Bank of New Zealand Tauranga in 1964 with Cliff Colson as Manager. Laurie was the Branch Junior for one week and shortly after that became Agency Escort and Teller…The photo was taken in the then new BNZ building which was in 2014 the Tauranga Art Gallery…

Names for BNZ Tauranga Staff 1965 Photo:..

Back Row:..David Capes, Brian Leyland, Ross Callender, Pat Wright, Bruce MacFarlane, Murray Vince, Laurie Sanders, Roger Watkins, ……, George Andrews, Don ……,..

Second Row from Back:..Roly Williams, Ross Callam, Bill Kempt, ….., ….., Lois Wright, ……, Ian Lucas, Graham Belcher, Neil Fitzjames, David Wharram…

Third Row from Back: (orSecond Row from the Front)..Jean Black, ..???., ..???…, .. ???.., Antoinette Marks, ..???.., Lorraine McCully, Sue ?, Caroline ?, ..???, ..???, ..???., Irene Farrelly, Barbara Crossman, Jeanette Oliver…

Front Row:..Eric Dyer, Bob Joynt, Doug Berry, Ross Garner, Alan Eathorne, Cliff Colson (Manager), …???…, Frank Warnes, Gordon Mossop, Keith Nairn.

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BNZ Staff 14-0345

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