Esther Wallis and The Larches children (1895)

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Esther Wallis and The Larches children (1895).


Photograph of the children taken from The Larches after the arrest of Charles and Minnie Dean in 1895. 'When Dean was arrested she had six children in her care, including Esther. All were content and healthy, if poorly dressed and living in squalor' (Sell, 2009, p. 68). 'Esther Wallis and Margaret Cameron, who had left The Larches to live a life of her own, looked after the children when Mrs Dean was arrested, until the police placed them in a Charitable Aid Board in Invercargill' (Rawle, 1997, p. 20). From left: Ethel Maud Hay, Florence Smith, Esther Wallis with 'Baby Gray', Cecil Guilford, Arthur Wilson. Image: Hood, L. (1994). Minnie Dean: Her life and crimes. Auckland, New Zealand: Penguin. Photo credit: Invercargill Public Library.

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Esther Wallis and The Larches children (1895)

First Names:Esther
Last Name:Wallis
Date of Birth:8 October 1879
Place of Birth:Christchurch, New Zealand
City:Winton, New Zealand