Archives Collection Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016)

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Archives Collection Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016).


Frank Sydenham Planting Register (1947-c1967). Arborist Frank Sydenham graduated from Massey Agricultural College in 1933 with a Masters degree. He served during World War II. When he died he left money to Tauranga to create the botanic gardens. Sydenham Botanic Park is located at 6 Millers Road, Brookfield. The 3 hectare property was left by the late Frank Sydenham for the purpose of being developed into a botanic park. This metal file records the plantings he did in the Tauranga area.

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Archives Collection Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016)

First Names:Stephanie
Last Name:Smith
Place of Birth:New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand