Rifle Association Medal: Edward Victor Simpson (1923)

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Rifle Association Medal: Edward Victor Simpson (1923).


Silver Rifle Association Medal won by Edward Victor Simpson (1907-1962), uncle of Joan Simpson, in 1923. Edward was born in Tauranga and worked as a photojournalist. His article on big game fishing appeared in a booklet; Tauranga and the Mount in 1947. He never married, and died in Hamilton on 9 August 1962. Edward was buried in Hamilton Park Cemetery. The front of the medal shows a soldier being handed a gun by Britannia who has a shield in her left hand. The words "Defence not Defiance' are written above. The back of the medal has the words "Auckland Military District"  written in an arch across the top and underneath the words "Rifle Association". At the bottom is the date "1923" above which are the hallmarks. Photo: Debbie McCauley.

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Rifle Association Medal: Edward Victor Simpson (1923)

First Names:Edward Victor
Last Name:Simpson
Date of Birth:21 September 1907
Place of Birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
City:Hamilton, New Zealand