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Message from Danya Comesky, NiE co-ordinator, outlining the upcoming feature on the Rena disaster and calling for Letters to the Editor contributions from students.

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From: Dayna Comeskey []
Sent: Monday, 21 November 2011 4:10 p.m.
Subject: RENA - Letter to the Editor Competition

Good Afternoon,

Tomorrows NiE X-Press page, published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, isRena –  an environmental disaster’. 

Page contents

Effect of the disaster – bulleted list including marine environment, people and businesses

Response to the disaster – the beach cleaning up, animal rescue and the salvors 

Deep sea oil drilling - as a related issue, students are asked to consider the implications of deep sea drilling for oil off New Zealand’s East Coast. Students complete a PMI – Positive/Negative/Interesting table.

The downloadable theme lessons include:

Front page news: students look at front pages of the Bay of Plenty Times that were produced during the Rena disaster and make their own front page to reflect the latest news

Infographics: students look at an example of an infographic that models many of the ways infographics present information visually and choose one aspect of the disaster to create their own infographic

Effects on marine life: Students complete a graphic organiser showing possible effects of the oil spill on animal life

Next week's Pulse NiE page, 'On the move' looks at Polynesian migration – where they came from originally and how many have come to New Zealand, bringing cultural practises and values with them.

RENA – Letter to the Editor Competition

The Bay of Plenty Times Rena Letter to the Editor Competition in conjunction with our Newspapers in Education programme has been created to encourage youth within our community to become connected with events occurring around them and increase their social awareness.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage students to form opinions about local issues and also to voice their thoughts within their community and recognise the impact disasters like this can have.

Students will submit their letters via email, they will then be judged and a selection will be chosen to be published on the opinion page of The Bay of Plenty Times.

I look forward to reading the letters from all the students.

Kind regards


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