Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) Media Release October 7 2011

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Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC)


Rena preliminary interviews complete, data recorders removed - Friday, 7 October 2011

The two Transport Accident Investigation Commission investigators on board the Rena have completed their preliminary interviews of the three crew on duty at the time of the accident, collected ship’s information, and removed a voyage data recorder and navigation equipment for downloading and analysis. The two investigators comprised the Commission’s Chief Investigator of Accidents, who is a master mariner, and a Marine Investigator, who is a naval architect. Arrangements for the continuing supply of evidence have been made with key parties currently involved in the accident and its response.
The investigators will return to Wellington this evening with the evidence. Future interviews and activity in Tauranga will depend upon analysis of the information gathered so far, and the course of the response effort including the extent of environmental damage and any issues that may arise during the salvage and recovery operations.
Meanwhile, the Commission intends to release an interim factual report into the accident before the end of November. This report will set out the facts of the accident as discovered to that date, but without analysis or findings as will be contained in a final report expected mid-2012 depending on the final complexity and course of the inquiry. (Statement to media conference) 


TAIC investigators board Rena - Thursday, 6 October 2011

Two investigators from the Transport Accident Investigation Commission are due to board the Rena mid-morning (Thurs, 6 Oct 11) to secure information from on-board recorders and to begin interviewing crew as part of the Commission’s inquiry into the grounding which began yesterday morning.
The investigators are travelling to the stricken vessel aboard a Port of Tauranga pilot boat. They are expected to remain on board the Rena today and possibly tomorrow.
The scope of the inquiry is still evolving along with the continuing event and as well as seeking to explain the grounding it could include, for instance, the final extent of any environmental damage and aspects of the post-accident response and salvage.
The Commission’s safety focused inquiry will seek to explain how the grounding occurred and what, if anything, could be done to prevent a similar event happening again.
The inquiry could take a year to complete, but the Commission has the option to issue interim reports or urgent safety recommendations should the circumstances warrant it.
The final inquiry report will be provided to the International Maritime Organisation in fulfilment of New Zealand’s international treaty obligations for maritime accident investigation.
The Commission is a standing Commission of Inquiry headed by three Commissioners which investigates selected maritime, aviation and rail events with the potential to produce new safety learnings. It is has a staff of about 20, including 10 investigators, and is independent from any government, regulatory, or other investigation agency. (Media release )

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