Media advisory - oil found on beach October 10 2011

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Media advisory - oil found on beach

10 October 2011: 1.32pm

Oil has now been found on the beach near Tay St. It is in individual clumps of about fist-sized patties about 5mm high and stranded on the tide line about every 700–800mm.

Please advise the public:

Stay away from the water.

Do not touch anything with oil on it – it is toxic and should not be in contact with skin. 

Do not take shellfish to eat.

If you accidentally come into contact with the oil, wash with soap and water, baby oil or petroleum jelly.

Do not use solvents, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel or similar products.

If you get it in your eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes.

Breathing in the vapour can cause irritation in mouth, nose throat and lungs. Move out of the area as quickly as possible.

The Department of Health is erecting signs on the beach warning people to stay away.


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