Some perspective on Rena - October 13 2011

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Some perspective on RENA

by Whaleoil on October 13, 2011

There has been all manner of scare mongering about the oil spill of the MV RENA. It must be remembered though that this is a container ship not an oil tanker and so the amount of oil spilled is actually tiny compared could what could have been. While still bad it is nowhere near the catastrophe that politicians who should know better are desperately trying to make it out to be.

Maui Street posted an Infographic that tries to show the scale of the problem of RENA. Unfortunately it doesn’t. I have added on some perspective. The Greens and Labour can’t complain about that perspective because they decided to conflate MV RENA with deep-water drilling and so it bears some comparison.

For ease of use I have used the typical size of current NZ coastal tankers for measurement and the the recent Deepwater Horizon event in the US that Gareth Hughes is so exercised about.

Deepwater Horizon spilled the equivalent of 21 tankers of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, in contrast the oil spill of MV RENA will only be 5% of just one tanker.


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