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50 years after they said "you'll never get it off the ground" Tauranga has celebrated the 50th birthday of the Jazz Festival in our region.

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Jazz festival QR code Tauranga Jazz Festival 50th Daily Guide 2012Tauranga celebrated its 50th Jazz festival milestone with nearly 50 different bands this Easter, a far cry from it’s humble beginnings in 1963. Tauranga’s Dave Proud has been involved with the festival from its early beginnings and remembers the nay sayers 50 years ago declaring “you’ll never get it off the ground”.  The Creative Tauranga display put together by Jocelyn Buchanan and on display over the Easter holidays sums up how wrong they were with the “Figure This” wall showing the statistics below.

 A wander downtown in pictures... (click here)

  • 40                    musicians in 1963
  • 500                  musicians in 2012
  • 1000               attended in 1963
  • 60000             attended in 2010
  • 50                    pound budget in 1963
  • $1,400,000    budget in 2012
  • 25                    records produced
  • 15                    videos produced
  • 47                    years run by volunteers
  • 1.5                   fulltime equivalent staff manage 2012 festival
  • 50                    years run as a not for profit organisation

Bay news quotes festival organiser Arne Herrmann as having “pulled out all the stops” for this year. The line up of bands included many home grown acts from around New Zealand as well as overseas groups. The Riverina All Stars came back together specifically to celebrate the occasion. 

Crowds enjoyed the music and atmosphere at The Historic Village in Tauranga, as well as the Central City, Downtown and Aspen Reserve (among other sites) and this year the reintroduction of vintage and veteran cars only added to the atmosphere.

Creative Tauranga had an interactive display outling the last 50 years of National Jazz Festivals. Click here to see information from this display.

Here's a neat Youtube video made available by Rosalie Crawford (click here to see more of her videos).

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Tauranga Jazz Festival 2012