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Dr Sligo and Hutchenson At the age of 28, married with three young children, I’d recently returned from India to begin a new life at Mount Maunganui. Soon afterwards however, I became ill with rheumatic fever and needed to be admitted as a patient to Tauranga Hospital. 

When arrangements had been made for my family to be cared for, I gratefully packed a suitcase and caught the ferry to Tauranga – alighting near the town centre, a taxi took me to the hospital. 

From there, things went a little awry! To begin with, I’d arrived alone and carrying a suitcase (for a stay of several weeks). I was probably mistaken for a new live-in housekeeper as I found myself deposited in an unfamiliar part of the hospital.  

While considering what to do next and feeling embarrassed, a man nearby noticed me. He was middle-aged, stocky, casually dressed, and cheeky! He could have been the caretaker, gardener or similar. Nevertheless he approached me kindly and offered assistance.

 “I’m a patient to be admitted to the hospital,” I said, and as an afterthought, added, “with rheumatic fever!” 

“Then you shouldn’t be carrying that suitcase – give it to me,” he replied sternly. “I’ll carry it for you and take you to the Ward Sister’s office.”  Perhaps he was the porter and not the caretaker? I meekly followed this man until we’d reached the Ward Sister’s office. 

“Your patient has arrived,” he grandly announced loudly; winking at me and handing the suitcase to a nurse.  “Find her a bed,” he ordered and abruptly left – but not as either the caretaker, the porter, or similar….but as the superintendent of the hospital!

Dr Sligo pictured here left with Dr Huchenson at right.

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Recollection of Nola Cochrane, Patient, 1953

First Names:Nola
Last Name:Cochrane
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