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Clinical Midwife Manager

 Esther Mackay has cared for approximately 3000 women in her midwifery career which started in 1978. She notes the rules have changed significantly over the years and led to a far greater choice for women in the care they receive.

“Rules were imposed. Women often gave birth on their backs with their feet in stirrups and fathers were not allowed to attend the birth. It took until the 1970’s for practises to change, when husbands were allowed
to attend births and midwives and women worked to
achieve more natural birthing,” says Esther.

“Today every pregnant woman in Tauranga has her own midwife who supports her throughout the pregnancy. The midwife monitors progress, arranges screen tests and provides information so that the woman and her family can make evidence-based choices around their birth experience. The midwife then cares for the woman during labour and birth whether in the shower or pool or lying on a bed pain-free with an epidural.

“Following the birth, the midwife visits the woman at home to give six weeks support for breastfeeding and monitor wellbeing. The midwives and obstetricians work as a team to provide this family-centred care,” says Esther.

Esther Mackay, Clinical Midwife Manager

“Our Maternity Service has grown to be a modern, highly regarded centre working in partnership with women and their families. With approximately 2000 births each year we are a busy unit!”


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Esther Mackay

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