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In 1978 Kris Holmes was born weighing 780 grams at 28 weeks. At that time his chances of survival were considered unlikely and he was cared for here in the Tauranga Neonatal Unit where he was nursed to full health and discharged home 11 weeks later. From the 1980’s and 1990’s huge advances have been made in caring for babies of extreme prematurity and can now survive from 24 weeks. If a woman is in premature labour before 32 weeks they are sent to Waikato Hospital for intensive care making Kris’s story from 1978 truly remarkable. Two of the staff members who cared for Kris still work in the Tauranga Maternity Unit.

Kris Holmes 1978

Pictured here at seven weeks, courtesy Carolyn Holmes.

Kris Holmes at three weeks

Kris Holmes at three weeks

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Determined to Survive