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The Goodyears moved to Tauranga in 1895 and were a prominent local family. Ethel faithfully wrote to her older sister Alice, who was a school teacher in Gisborne. Here is a small selection of postcards sent by Ethel that are held in the Tauranga Heritage Collection.


16 February 1911. My Dear Alice, I received your nice postcard today, for which I must thank you. I do not know whether you will recognize this. It is a photo taken on Regatta Day. In the last letter you wrote me you asked what I got for a prize at the sports. Well I got a pair of cut glass scent and powder bottles, silver mounted. I have just had my music lesson. I must close now as it is getting late. With Love and Kisses from Ethel Goodyear.


Dear Alice, I received your letter last Tuesday and was very pleased to get it. Frances has a bad eye, she’s had a sty in it. She did not go to school yesterday or the day before. Annie and I went to Clemsons to tea last night. Frances and Mary came down after tea. She was asked to tea but could not go. I went to tea at Mrs Jordan’s on Monday. Mrs Clark went out. There was only Mavis, Eileen, Barbara and myself at home. I will write soon, hope you like this postcard. I must now stop. Your loving sister Ethel.


Dear Alice, I received your letter a few days ago. I was very pleased to get it. I went to Clement Wragge’s last night it was rather nice. He showed us pictures of the wonderful stones he found up at Whangarei. He has a magic lantern. Frances has a bad throat and a splitting headache. Afternoon. I am home for my dinner. I must close for now Your loving sister Ethel.


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