Tauranga Museum c 1980s

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Tauranga Museum c 1980s.


According to the Ohinemuri Regional History Journal 14, October 1970,


"The people of Tauranga district gave wonderful support to their Historical Society in the establishment of its District Museum in the building locally known as "The Anchor House" and its grounds on the corner of Cameron Road and Hamilton Street. It was opened by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Faulkner, and Mr. Nicholls, Chairman of the sub-committee paid a tribute to the work of the service clubs, local tradesmen and business houses making special mention of blacksmith Mr. Charlie Haua who had made his Grey Street smithy and equipment available and had been of tremendous assistance in supervising its re-erection. There he was on the day wearing his black singlet, palmer knap trousers and leather apron, working the giant bellows until the forge fire glowed for the benefit of onlookers while he went about some general black-smithing.


Souvenir horse-shoes were in great demand and orders were taken for similar ones mounted on velvet by Mrs. Myrtle Crapp (to swell Museum funds). Inside the house there was a miniature Farriers Shop, complete in every detail, and an outstanding Working Model of a Traction Engine. The "Anchor House" was literally "full of interest" each room depicting some phase of early days. Ladies were particularly drawn to a typical old "Parlour" and a Bedroom, complete with furnishings. There were rare relics in a Maori Artifacts room and one could spend hours studying the general display of antiques and pictures. Old vehicles are being renovated in the grounds; soon more space will be needed, for the Museum promises to be a great attraction."

The Original Author HARRY ARMOUR notes that "By virtue of his early association with Tauranga and his donation of material from his own Waihi "Smithy", Mr. Armour was an honoured guest at the official opening of the Tauranga Historical Society Museum on Saturday 22nd August, 1970. We could not have had a more worthy representative. Ed.)"


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Tauranga Museum c 1980s


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