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Peter Cramond is a painter and sculptor whose work can be found in private collections all over the world and, increasingly, in public spaces. It is this that gives me a sense of how far the Papamoa artist has come in an eventful art filled 59 years.

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Many know the wonderful examples of his intriguing and unique artistic vision among the public works on display at the Papamoa Library.

Peter grew up in Te Puke and spent much of his youth at Papamoa and Maketu Beaches catching waves and enjoying the outdoors.

Trained in graphic design, he worked in the advertising industry before becoming a full time artist after an accident in 1982 that left him with a broken neck.

Since that time Peter has exhibited throughout the world and has participated in many festivals including eight visits to the famous International Arts Festival in Edinburgh.

Papamoa has been Peter's home for many years and the nearby stretches of beach provide the meditative space that allow him to connect with his past life and formulate the creative thoughts that emerge in his highly personal paintings and sculpture.

Peter's new exihibition called "Where To Now" will show at Mt Maunganui's Zohar Gallery between 5th - 24th November.

This exhibition is Peter's first solo show since August 2007 when the recession for many artists began to bite.

'Where To Now" is a look at our ever changing lives and the challenges we face. Other themes explored in the work are the environment, relocation, love and a general optimism for the future.

Most of Peter's work comes from images he has seen and then recorded in his work book at the time. He also records and draws images from memory.

'Blind Man's Lament' The blind musician.

Peter says ," In these modern times, tragedies are happening every day".

"World wide events, natural, man made and personal.

"They turn your life upside down and you feel saddness, hopelessness, anger and guilt.

"Recently, I've experienced my fair share.

"This image, is doubly tragic, as the musician is blind".

'Seeds Are Sown  1230 x 910mm   oil on canvas.

Peter describes the meaning of this painting in this way.

"It was November 2010 at the Garden and Art Festival and next to the garden where I was exhibiting an old VW Combie Camper pulls up".

"Out gets a lean young man who unloads an old fashion seed drill.

"He starts planting sunflower seeds in the tilled paddock next door.

"It looked wonderful, like I was back in rural Europe.

"I quickly got out my work book and started to record this moment.

"Watching this proud and honest man put a smile on my face and gave me such a feeling of hope for the future.

"It was a visual metaphor for the hope and the beauty to come.

"This young man had a vision and a goal for his future, his energy affected me, renewing my own motivation and inspiring me.

"I knew it would be a painting".

Peter exhibits sculpture at Pacifica Gardens in Papamoa and in the 'Looking Glass Garden' in the Papamoa Hills.

He will also be one of a large number of sculptors working at the Garden and Art Symposium on the Strand in early November. Well worth checking that out.

For more information please contact Peter at

To see more Peter Cramond work go to

by Pete Morris (October, 2012).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.



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Peter Cramond: Where to Now?

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