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Tauranga's Daniel Redwood has been immersed in art since early childhood. He sold his first artwork while still at school and also sold and traded numerous bone carvings during his teenage years.

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He then turned to custom painting motor bikes near Victoria Park in Auckland and gained more experience in this genre by doing work for a large sign-writing firm nearby.

This interest lead to buying a sign-writing business in 1995 that he sold three years later to go travelling. On returning to New Zealand he settled in rural surroundings near Tauranga.

Throughout this time Daniel continued to carve using wood, stone, pig tusks and as many of the highly sought after Sperm whale teeth as he could obtain.

In addition to his carving Daniel's search for new ways to express himself creatively lead to experimentation with wall mounted pieces using paint and multi-media techniques.

Danny working on a new piece in his studio.

"I have found that as I progress my inspiration often comes from the raw natural beauty of the material I am using at the time,” says Daniel.

"This is why I am drawn to combinations of wood, copper, aluminium, steel, rich timbers and stone.

"I have been drawn to experimenting with various casting techniques, mainly sand and ceramic investment casting.

"I love carving and casting wax and will definitely do some bronze work in the near future ", he says.

Daniel's two-dimensional work has strong influences from Ralph Hotere and the famous American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.

He enjoys the freedom of abstract expressionism and often finds motion and emotion tied up in the act of painting brings a cathartic, emotional release.

Daniel says, "my aim in painting is not to paint a picture - it is to provide the stimulus for a thought or emotion in the viewer by providing inspiration through colour, texture and the movement of light.

"I choose to paint on metal and wood for raw beauty and the way it can be treated to interact with light.

"My pieces are at their best when they are in the path of natural light that moves across them during the course of the day.”

Daniel was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2007 and had significant treatment culminating in a bone marrow transplant in 2008. 

He tells me that he's had a 'best case scenario recovery and is now back to normal'.

Through this testing time Daniel and his partner, painter Stephanie Redwood, have remained true to their strong personal philosophies but their priorities have been re-evaluated where a balance has been found to spend more time together with family while working hard to earn a living through art. Daniel is always interested in discussing art, commissions and special projects with interested parties.

An example of Danny's highly intricate and accomplished carving.

Daniel had a very successful first solo exhibition at Creative Tauranga Community Gallery in December 2011 called "Minor Inconvenience" where a number of his new works were bought by enthusiastic collectors.

This exhibition was largely inspired by his journey through Leukaemia.

The exhibition's signature artwork sold at the opening and Daniel, with the help of Creative Tauranga, donated the proceeds to the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation.

At present Daniel is working on another body of work that he hopes to exhibit sometime in the future.

Look out for Daniel's work at Creative Tauranga's 'Pop-Up' art sale at the old BA Reader bookstore on Wharf Street during Easter.

You can find out more about Daniel's work at and contact him at

 by Pete Morris (April 2012).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a free-lance writer who has a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.



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Daniel Redwood: Multi-talented artist


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