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Over the years The Cargo Shed on Tauranga’s Dive Crescent has had a mixed history as a local craft market. This article was written by Pete Morris in 2012.

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Many will remember the former market space where a mixture of arts and crafts, bric-a-brac, home produce and knitting could be found.

If that’s still your perception of The Cargo Shed then prepare to be very surprised when you visit the new look one.

At the end of the last cruise ship season the shed’s future was uncertain.

After lengthy deliberations it boiled down to two options: either close the shed and re-open for the new season, with a danger of losing traction and awareness, or handover the day-to-day running of the shed to the quay holders to be overseen by Creative Tauranga.

The latter option was the clear direction with the proviso that the space was cleaned up and presented in a new form. Basically, a sink or swim scenario.

The quay holders formed a steering group, who invited Ken Wright of Lightwave Photography (formally part owner and creative director of Cue Design in Wellington) to put forward a new look and overall scheme for the Cargo Shed.

Ken has a 30-year background in design, branding, and exhibitions, so it was a good move to ask him to help.

A small team of quay holders came together as the production crew for this project.

This included Ken Wright – concept design, Ashley Grant – architect , Steve Allan and Scott Godwin – hard materials and ingenuity.

With Ken’s expertise and input from the team, the Cargo Shed has taken on a completely new look and is now an attraction the city of Tauranga can be proud of.

Inside the new look Cargo Shed. 

The principles of the new scheme were very simple – no clutter, no market tables and shabby clothes.

Each stall is to have a unique look to give individual artists space to exhibit and to transform the shed from flea market to boutique art space.

All of this had to be achieved on a minimal budget at the quay holders’ expense.
“I strongly believe that a small dedicated team can move mountains.

“They just need to want to make the mountain move and the rest will fall into place.

“A blend of Pommy determination and Kiwi number 8 wire innovation!” says Ken.
Six months later The Cargo Shed is transformed into a unique art space.


One of the recently revamped stalls.

 People visiting from overseas are very impressed with the space.

One cruise ship visitor who does regular cruises said: “I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere on my trips, this is sensational.” 

Locals are also pleasantly surprised by the transformation.

Views out over the harbour can now be enjoyed from within the shed through new large windows installed with the help of local businesses.
What makes The Cargo Shed different from other art spaces is that you are able to speak to and buy from the individual artists who created the work.

Artists featured in The Shed:
Michael Sass - Award Winning Artist
Patrick Gibbons - Artist
Bethlehem Potter
Mel Caldwell - Flax Appeal
Deb Bowden - Handmade Silver Jewellery
Sophie - Ceramics
Maree Cooper - Em-Cey Designs - Jewellery
Steve Allan - Zam Metallic Garden Sculptures
Ashley Grant - Stone Carving
Isla King - Crochet Fashion
Brenda Buttler - Beautiful Tauranga Photography
Scott Godwin - Wood Turning
Ken Wright - Lightwave Photography and Illustration
Elegance - Tauranga Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists
Puti Hauraki - Maori Artist and Weaver
Ron Matheson - Pounamu - Greenstone carving
Up Market  - Cambodia Trust and Eve Attic

Artists from all disciplines are invited to participate on either a short term or long term basis. So if you are an artist and need exposure contact Denny Spee at Creative Tauranga

The Cargo Shed is one of the best ways to while away a few hours in Tauranga.

Drop in and you’ll be made very welcome by the artists. 

There is always something new to see.

The Cargo Shed is open to the public (free of charge) on Saturdays/Sundays and cruise ship days throughout the year.

Other enquiries can to made to Ken Wright the Cargo Shed visual coordinator at

 by Pete Morris (February 2012).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and art lover who has a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.



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Pete Morris: The Cargo Shed


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