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Congratulations to Tauranga Sculptor Nic Clegg. Nic’s winning sculpture ‘Plenty’ was judged best of eight sculpture entries in this year’s Katikati Arts Festival.

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Local sculptors were asked to create works relating to the theme ‘A Land of Plenty’ to be judged along with the well known Katikati mural competition that takes place each year during the festival.

Nic’s sculpture in steel reflects his love of the rich flora and fauna he has discovered in the Bay of Plenty since moving here from Manchester with his partner Kristy and two children in 2008.

Nic Clegg’s winning sculpture ‘Plenty’.

The 5m high sculpture can be viewed at Decor GardenWorld in Bethlehem prior to auction along with sculptures by Peter Cramond and this year’s finalists in the mural competition. The auction at Decor begins 6pm on November 3.

Nic has established himself as one of the Bay’s leading sculptors and has a following of discerning collectors throughout New Zealand who are looking to acquire original, creative and exciting sculpture.

“The processes involved in working steel take you on an unending voyage of discovery – applications of heat and cooling create a multitude of textures and colour. 

“The molten steel moves in a chaotic manner only to be brought to a halt by the strike of the hammer.

“Steel is a very rigid and unforgiving medium, so the challenge is to create fluidity and movement in my pieces,” says Nic.

Nic was the first artist to join architect Steven Chambers’ ‘ArtHub studios’ at ‘The Laundromat Art Project Space’ on 2nd Avenue where a number of Tauranga’s well-known artists have studio spaces. 

He takes inspiration for his work from many sources and we see the human form, architecture and machinery in his beautifully finished creations. 

Much of his work is playfully stylised and quite often dallies with the real object to create what is almost a caricature.

He has an imaginative eye for the farcical with unusual twists on the everyday and this is often seen in his work.

‘Mother and Daughter’ inspired by L.S. Lowry.

His figurative work inspired by the paintings of L.S. Lowry depicts ordinary working class people going about everyday life. 

As with Lowry’s work they are representative of Nic’s industrial Northern English heritage.

Nic welcomes interest and consultation about commissioned works. He is represented by galleries across the Bay of Plenty and also further afield in Coromandel, Auckland and Dunedin.

His portfolio and contact details can be viewed online at 

by Pete Morris (2011).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover who has a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.




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Nic Clegg: Steely Voyage Wins Competition