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Gallery 59 on Ninth Avenue, Tauranga, are busy with their third exhibition since opening their doors in July.

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After the glittering, well attended opening show Don Banks and Lynette Fisher of Gallery 59 presented us with an exhibition called 'Coastal' that was also very well received.

Both Don and Lynette, who is an accomplished artist herself, are keen to show the work of emerging artists as well as established contemporary artists.

This is one of the features of this new gallery that I have been impressed with. It's great to see a mix of very highly regarded artists with big reputations and encouragement being given to relatively unknown artists exhibiting for the first time.

Rob McGregor in his studio.

Exhibition number three features the work of well-known Mount Maunganui artist Rob McGregor. As an exciting extra, Rob will be in attendance throughout the exhibition conducting workshops and talking to visitors at the gallery.

Rob will tutor painting workshops on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and be available to talk about his art at all other times. There will be computer slideshows, depicting the development of works from start to finish.

Rob loves painting and says, “When I start on a work I am pleased when the painting takes over and thinking is directed by what is taking shape on the canvas rather than my directing what goes on to the canvas.

"The work can take over and you lose track of time. Some paintings take longer than others to resolve themselves.

"At times I get into that zone where the painting takes over and the energy from the work sustains the effort - a time when too much thinking can get in the way of creative activity".

'Track' acrylic on canvas 2011.

The track in Rob's painting 'Track' will be well known to many New Zealanders and overseas visitors. It is an example of Rob's wonderful use of colour and obvious delight in our inspiring Bay of Plenty surroundings.

"I have no important statements to make in paint.  Sometimes associations, experiences, colour texture or a shape can act as a springboard to send me on an adventure of creating something that doesn't already exist.

"I don't wonder what to paint next as I have things waiting in my head. I obviously love colour. I like variety and exploring different ways of doing things which might explain why I paint a wide range of topics,” he says.

I'm sure this will be an outstanding exhibition.  The exhibition / workshop concept at Gallery 59 is a real indication of Don and Lynette's desire to explore different possibilities and to give visitors a richer art experience.

Also at Gallery 59 you can find Robert Eagle who is an art consultant and valuer. When you visit ask for Robert and he will be happy to discuss art and artists with you.

The exhibition and workshops open on Monday, August 22 and run through to August 27.
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 Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

by Pete Morris (2011)


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Gallery 59 (Tauranga)


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