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“A stick and a beach can provide an infinite number of creative possibilities. Our imaginations and the collaborative effort of our small group turns those creative ideas into visual reality.”

3DSD combines the diverse talents of 3 artists living in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.
Each artist comes from a different country and brings their own unique set of artistic skills to the group.
Together Jamie Harkins (New Zealand), Constanza Nightingale (Chile) and David Rendu (France) aim to inspire and entertain people through the technique of anamorphosis where they create very large imaginative 3 dimensional drawings on the beach.
Constanza Nightingale is known for her amazing circular oil paintings covering many themes including space, the ocean, and the relationships humans have with nature.
David Rendu is an accomplished sculptor and often explores the themes of human form and ocean life.
Jamie is well known as a painter who creates colourful scenes covering a wide variety of subject matter. His interesting images make particular use of contrast and light.
The work of 3DSD is ephemeral art where time, the communicative act, and directive intent are fundamental.

The artworks provide an acute awareness of time and acts as a metaphor for the brevity of life.
As the tide rises and covers the work it is permanently erased from the beach making the art experience transitory unlike pictures hanging in a gallery for a period of time. The works impermanence is also symbolic of many other aspects of daily life.

Jamie Harkins’ inspiration comes from 3D street art and he decided to take the concept to the beach. Requiring few materials and financial resources it is a nice transition from his earlier art practice with the added bonus of having very large natural  ‘canvases’ close at hand.  Jamie asked friends and fellow artists Constanza and David to join him and together they form 3DSD.
Their first sand art creation although primitive, held a lot of promise and potential. Since then the artists have regularly ventured down to the same beach between Mt Maunganui andMatakana Island and have experimented widely with their newly found medium.
Using a simple stick and a selection of rakes they can create textures, contrast and perspective.
Recently 3DSD  have started adding people into their pieces.. This makes the works interactive, a kind of performance art for the enthusiastic crowds who often arrive to watch the art in progress.
This connects the people with their art, making it accessible and fun.  3DSD have presented whimsical circus scenes, mainstream sport and surrealist landscapes. There is something for everyone to identify with.
Eager to grow and to show their creativity throughout New Zealand and the world 3DSD are keen to keep creating art, provide enjoyment for others and to offer inspiration.

A life filled with creativity is a happy life.
Article by Pete Morris (May 2014).
Photos supplied by Constanza Nightingale.
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The 3DSD Group: Diverse Talent