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Jim Colzato comes from France and after many years of travelling the world has arrived in Tauranga. Jim is a consummate artist with multiple talents who is rapidly establishing himself in Tauranga as an artist and photographer.

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As a child, because of the dangers of playing unsupervised in the city streets, Jim spent many hours at home and was encouraged by his father to draw. Drawing was a way of exploring the world outside using his imagination and all the while honing many of the skills and techniques that would become essential in what has become an artistic life. Since then art has been a driving passion and a way of expressing his personality. 

In his painting ‘From my Cave’ we see a background of gold leaf emanating from Jim’s love of traditional Chinese art.

The figure in the painting could be seen as a self portrait and Jim is asking the viewer to draw their own conclusions to what he calls, “a personification of an emotion”.

From my Cave - 800mm x 400mm - Oil and copper leaves on board - 2010.

As an artist, Jim is cautious about the art market and struggles with the boundaries and limits it often creates. At the moment he is building a body of work before deciding what steps to take in the future. As a perfect extension to this, Jim continues to explore art and design while engaged as a tattoo artist at Bohemian Tattoo Art in Tauranga.

For Jim, art is a way to reinvent reality and many of his explorations using advanced photographic techniques to demonstrate his considerable skill using this medium. His stunning ‘Glimpse of the Past’ shows a newly acquired interest in Maoritanga and history since moving to New Zealand. The pou whenua carvings on The Strand and beside the roundabout near the harbour bridge fascinate him.

Glimpse from the Past - photo montage - 2010.

Jim is also captivated by the natural beauty of the Mount and our surrounding area. An ever increasing portfolio of pictures attests to this love of Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

To see more of Jim’s work visit

by Pete Morris (2010).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer who has a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga.




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Jim Colzato: Consummate Artist

First Names:Jim
Last Name:Colzato
Place of Birth:France