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It’s always sad to see the demise of one of our art-spaces. That was the general feeling when Harrisons Gallery on 11th Avenue closed in late 2012 after 50 years in the business. Art lovers were heartened to learn that artist Elliot Mason will be holding exhibitions at the old Harrison’s building he has renamed Zeus Gallery.

Elliot, who recently had studio space at the Art Hub on 2nd Avenue and exhibited at Mount Maunganui’s Lightwave Gallery, has also based his art practice at Zeus.

Elliot Mason at work.

“The Zeus gallery is a new contemporary art space in an iconic Tauranga establishment,” says Elliott. 

"I hope to contribute towards Tauranga’s art in a positive way.

"The Zeus Gallery aims to become a space where good art can be seen and appreciated.”

The first exhibition in February was a well-received show of Elliot’s paintings, and Zeus has already hosted two exhibitions of locally based artists and some from further afield, who were keen to display their work in the generous display spaces Zeus Gallery provides.

On March 23 Zeus Gallery opened an exhibition named simply ’Local Talent’ that drew a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

This is an amazing exhibition of local talent and I was so impressed with the work and the mature way Elliot has curated a diverse number of styles and genres.

On show are pieces by some of our well known art luminaries, with works by Nick Eggleston, Simone Anderson, Ani Fourie, Richard MacDonald, Lynette Fisher, Peter Cramond, Cheryll Oliver, Dave Roy, Owen Dippie, Skye Carson Wilson, and a number of others.

Ani Fourie’s work was a new discovery for me, and she’s someone to look out for.

Elliot, a painter whose subject matter often covers environmental issues, land control, in both historic and contemporary New Zealand, also has some of his paintings on show.

In these works he creates an awareness of natural systems and portrays them as living breathing entities. Elliot comments on natural beauty and the impact man is having on the environment. He hopes the viewer will engage with his paintings through well drawn images and effective use of acrylic colour.


’Tuna’ or NZ longfin eel’ acrylic on canvas  462mm x 462mm  2012 

"In my work I try to reflect the rhythms of life and the patterns that emerge with growth and the passing of time,” says Elliot.

Elliot’s use of repeated line in his paintings are like the growth rings in nature and he creates an aesthetic that embraces the living land, sky and sea where the shapes originated.

With his exaggerated sense of rhythm, colour, line and dimension, the imagery becomes an intensified version of the original subject matter.

The use of skilful painting techniques where scale, detail, and optical depth are part of his repertoire make for very striking images on the canvas.

Natural beauty is the essence of Elliot’s works and the message is simply one of contemplation and respect for our precious natural environment.

You can see Elliot’s work on and contact him for more information about his art and Zeus Gallery, 106 11th Avenue, Tauranga at

Coming up - lots of fresh new talent at Zeus’ ’Hamilton Showcase’ exhibition opening 6pm Saturday 27th April.

BTW opinion ... I’ve been going to the Jazz Fest since the 1970’s - Saturday on The Strand and the Historic Village on Sunday were tops.

by Pete Morris (April, 2013).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

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Zeus Gallery: Impressive Gallery Emerges


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