Alfred Nesbit Brown (1803-1884) by Duane Moyle (2010)

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Alfred Nesbit Brown (1803-1884) by Duane Moyle (2010).


Soon after the initial European settlers and traders came to New Zealand came the Missionaries. They were to have a massive impact on Maori all over the country, with teachings of forgiveness and brotherly love that challenged the long held tradition of utu and retribution. Alfred Nesbit Brown was a missionary that first visited Tauranga in 1834 to choose a site for a mission base. After several subsequent visits he became the resident missionary in 1838 and remained in Tauranga until 1883. For forty-five years he invested himself into the people of Tauranga, making efforts to bring peace, education, justice, order and a new way of thinking about life. These times were some of the most volatile and turbulent in all of New Zealand’s history with many inter tribal feuds boiling over and later the land wars of the 1860’s. Brown was also involved in purchasing the peninsula from Gate Pa to the mission at Te Papa for the future settlement of Europeans. Some historians state that Brown endeavoured to ensure fair trading so no land was stolen from Maori and no Maori sold land they had no right to, but many Maori to this day believe they were treated unfairly in the land purchase.

The tukutuku pattern is based on a cross (ripeka), the symbol of the church and other humanitarian causes. It also relates to the Porourangi pattern which is favoured by Ngati Porou of the East coast and is used to tell the story of Papa and Rangi, the earth mother and sky father of Maori mythology, cosmology and theology.

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Alfred Nesbit Brown (1803-1884) by Duane Moyle (2010)

First Names:Duane
Last Name:Moyle
Date of Birth:1977
Place of Birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand
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