Matakana by Duane Moyle (2010)

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Matakana by Duane Moyle (2010).


Matakana means distrust, observant, wary or watchful. If you climb Mauao up the four wheel drive track you see an excellent view of Matakana Island snaking off towards Bowentown. I imagine that this would have been a vital sentry point for the inhabitants of Mauao, a perfect vantage point to spot any intruders hoping to cross the narrow channel to land on the sandy beach on the other side. The Niho Taniwha pattern was chosen as Matakana looks like a giant sea creature slithering toward Mauao.

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Matakana by Duane Moyle (2010)

First Names:Duane
Last Name:Moyle
Date of Birth:1977
Place of Birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand