My Water Serpents by Joyce Van der Lely (2013)

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My Water Serpents by Joyce Van der Lely (2013).


Joyce Van der Lely's beautiful 'My Water Serpents'. Artist and teacher Joyce van der Lely moved to Tauranga two months ago from Christchurch after the disastrous events that impacted so devastatingly on the city and its inhabitants. Joyce studied art, fashion and design in Holland. She then gained valuable practical artistic experience by working in illustration, design and textiles. When she became drawn to mixed-media the artform felt right because of the variety of mediums she could experiment with. It gave her the artistic freedom she was looking for. Joyce’s work is probably best described as whimsical illustrative and stylized with little folk art touches. It is often inspired by and infused with traditional techniques from the old Masters.

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My Water Serpents by Joyce Van der Lely (2013)

First Names:Joyce
Last Name:Van der Lely
City:Tauranga, New Zealand