Tauranga Laughter Club

url: http://laughteryogabop.webs.com/

Tauranga Laughter Club - laughter is the best medicine and Tauranga Laughter Club is a brilliant way to find your giggles!  Tauranga's Laughers meet weekly and sometimes more to channel their laughter into a positive whole person wellbeing.  What we are doing is Laughter Yoga - a simple yet powerful form of exercise which combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing (no particular physical flexibility required).

Laughter has a deep and meaningful effect on our mental and physical state and Laughter Yoga is the only technique which uises unconditional laughter to help make a positive frame of mind a choice, not a chance happening.  Laughter Club helps boost the natural 'happy' endorphins through unconditional laughter - which means the laugh is not reliant on jokes.

Laughter Club is for anyone who likes laughing, as well as for anyone who doesn't currently laugh much, but does fel the lack!  See the website for when/where we meet & for contact information.

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