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Less talk and more action is the message from Tauranga artist Graham Hoete, known as ‘Mr G’. Mr G, with the help of fellow artist Owen Dippie, has painted a mural in protest of what he sees as a lack of urgent action being taken to stop the oil spilling from stricken container ship Rena. Article by Phillipa Yalden (9 October 2011, reproduced here with permission).

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Graham Hoete ‘Mr G’ (left) in front of the mural he has painted in protest to what he sees as the lack of action in dealing with the oil leak from stricken container ship Rena on Astrolabe Reef. See video above.

Painted on a container outside the Papamoa Beach Road shops are the words “Less Hui, More Do-Ey”, accompanied by an eye catching image of the ship, Mr G hopes this will grab public attention and generate urgency to the oil slick off the coast of Tauranga.

“It is really to create some urgency and provoke some action. This is a good place as a lot of the public pass by.”

Oil has been leaking from the stricken ship on Astrolabe Reef since Wednesday, October 5 and on water oil recovery operations manager Mick Courtnell says an expected 10 tonnes of oil is now in the water surrounding the stricken ship.

With the MetService predicting bad weather from Monday afternoon, Mr G is becoming increasingly concerned for the potential impact on the Bay of Plenty, and in particular on Motiti Island, where his parent’s live.

“It’s a way of doing what I can to help protect my Island.

“I know they are doing their best out there but at the end of the day if it does turn into the worst case scenario, the Island will suffer the most.”

Growing up on Motiti Island, Mr G understands how important the sea is to the livelihood of the residents on the Island.

“They live off the land there and the sea is a major food source. Fishing, diving and all seafood is part of the staple diet and lifestyle.”

Mr G and Owen created the mural on the corner of Papamoa Beach Road and Domain Road yesterday and after posting it on Facebook last night Mr G says feedback has been “incredible”.

Article by Phillipa Yalden


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Rena: artists protest for action