Topic: Mauao Weeps (Rena 2011) by Debbie McCauley

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I wrote this on Tuesday 11th October 2011 to express my sorrow over the disaster on our doorstep - Debbie McCauley

Mauao sighs in sadness
gazing sorrowfully out
at the stricken Rena
and its stream of death.
He watches as black
gold smothers the
marine life, chokes
Tangaroa’s ocean, blue
turned oily black,
beach littered once more
with human mistakes.
I watch the clouds from
my kitchen window as
they wrap him in cloaks
of grey comfort.
Tears flow from his
springs of sorrow
at the devastation;
silent witness,
helpless sentinel.

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Mauao Weeps (Rena 2011) by Debbie McCauley


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