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On the third anniversary of the Rena Disaster (Sunday, 5 October 2014) the Mauao Area Wildlife Trust will hold an Open Day at Mt Drury Sound Shell.

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There will be a sausage sizzle, fun family beach activities, information on the wildlife of the area and how you can become involved and free wildlife tours.

Mauao Area Wildlife Trust Open Day (2014) 

  • Meet the locals dedicated to caring for our unique and special wildlife.
  • Join the guided walks around Moturiki (Leisure) Island and learn all about it's history and the penguins and other wildlife that live there and on Mauao and Motuotau (Rabbit) Island.
  • Join the fun and games on the beach.
  • View the original sketch of the Rena penguin sculputure by local artist Peter Cramond before it goes up for auction.
  • Help us to help those who live here have a voice.


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Mauao Area Wildlife Trust Open Day (2014)