Rena by Tyla McCallum (Maungatapu School)

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Rena by Tyla McCallum (Maungatapu School).


In 2011 Maungatapu School's Room 13 (year's 2 & 3) wrote poetry in reaction to the Rena disaster. The poetry and posters appeared in a window display at Tauranga City Library.

Oil coated seal flops onto the shore like dead, shot
birds falling to the ground making crunch noises,
crunch, crunch.
Penguins choking and gasping from bubbling acidic
chemicals swelling up in their small throats.
Shocked, furious people waiting for it to be taken
care of.
Reporters scramble around frantically seeking a
good story.
The infected water washed up onto the sandy clear 
Black sludge dissolves into the sand as both things
combine together.
When will this end?!

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Rena by Tyla McCallum (Maungatapu School)

First Names:Tyla
Last Name:McCallum
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.7218177,176.17398920000005

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