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A photo and note home in which Cedric Graham delights in the many 'sisters' looking after him. Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham was born in Hamilton on the 21st December 1889, the 10th child of parents William Australia Graham and Alice Graham. He died leading his men "over the top" near the French town of Flers 16th September 1916.

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Hoch! der Kaiser!


"Taken at  Appleton Wiske Yorkshire, one Sunday in July, by a very nice "sister" of mine. I have nearly as many sisters in this country now as I have in N.Z.

They knit me socks, give me cigarettes - & look after me very well.

Hoch! der Kaiser!



"Hoch Der Kaiser" was a well known German phrase of the time meaning "Up/hail/praise the Kaiser". In English mouths it was more likely used ironically. A well know english comic of the time, Whit Cunliffe,  wrote the WWI song Hoch Hoch der Kaiser in 1914, just the year before Cedric made his comment in the note attached to this photograph.

Listen to it (and other WWI era songs) here or in the Youtube video below.







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Hoch der Kaiser!

First Names:Cedric
Last Name:Graham
Date of Birth:1889