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An undated letter sent to Cedric Graham from his father (Mayor of Hamilton during the late 1800s), most likely just prior to the war. Cedric Kenny Onslow Graham was born in Hamilton on the 21st. December 1889, the 10th child of parents William Australia Graham and Alice Graham. He died leading his men "over the top" near the French town of Flers 16th September 1916.

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Cedric Graham

"My dear Cedric, Kenneth has read to me the letter he is sending you. it conveys to yourself all our thoughts and our goodwill towards you. We hope this will add to your present motives to push on to your Chief Engineers Certificate. We consider you have made satisfactory progress and though we were depressed a little at your resigning your position in the Clare(?) McArthur- we now feel you have not done so bad after all and your Spanish experience will add to your general experience and knowledge of the countries and conditions of the Maritime Marine of Europe.

We wish you every success and will look forward to your success with confidence - and hope to receive a letter soon to say you have succeeded in obtaining your Chief Engineers Certificate. And we have every confidence in your ability to fill the position - and at our end feel that out of the present difficulties enveloping Great Britain she has all the elements in her own sons and daughters to take the lead again and open the fields in the Pacific and Australasia which are in sight (?) at present time and will afford fields for New Zealanders and Australians in the Pacific for many generations to come.

 Therefore we add this and wish you a Merry Christmas & prosperous New Year adding our own love and goodwill and remain always (?) your affectionate Father

William A Graham."

Note: where the handwriting is uncertain I have added (?).



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